About Me

My roots are in a small town in New Jersey, where I was raised with two old brothers, by our loving and adventurous parents. They spent years traveling, backpacking, and seeing the world before settling down with a family.

Travel has been coursing through my blood ever since I can remember. I took my first trip abroad at age 7, and although there have been slow travel years since, I have never stopped dreaming of crossing new borders.

I found my wings in Pittsburgh, where I attended university and began working my first “big girl” job. Pittsburgh is a city on the up, but I found it was time to spread my wings to the next adventure. That’s what brought me to Colombia, where I fell in love with the culture.

I have solo backpacked 20+ countries and visited almost as many places as I am years old. Compared to my siblings, my parents, and many others, it’s nothing, but it’s my start in hopes of hitting 50 countries before turning 50.

I had wanted to live abroad since I was a teenager to live an entirely ‘different’ lifestyle than the one I was accustomed to at home. It’s afforded me the opportunity to experience a different culture, learn another language fluently, and live a life I thought I could only dream of.