Travel Backpack

Nearly three years ago, I purchased my Deuter ACT Lite 45+10 and I could not be happier. In addition to having a very comfortable fit, I found it has a number of well thought out features.

To me, fit is the most important factor to look for in a travel pack. Many other packs I tried were simply too big, even with the shortest straps. I am only 5’4” and find that this bag sits well on my shoulders and hips. Plus, the straps are adjustable to meet a range of heights (fantastic when someone else is carrying your bag for you !). The frame is rigid, which may be a con for some, but I like the stability it provides.

Some of my favorite features are:

Along the hip straps, there is a small pocket – great for keeping your phone, tickets, or identification. My iPhone 5 fits perfectly in here, the 6 is a bit more snugly.

There are two mesh water bottle style pockets on each side. Both are very deep and have compression straps.

On the front, the ACT Lite has a clippable compartment that usually houses my travel guides for easy access. I find items in here are quite secure.

If you are using this pack for true hiking, it has a water pack space inside. I often use it as a laptop sleeve. Documents and important things find a good home here too.

As for the compartment on the bottom (aka the sleeping bag section), I find this to be a very convenient space. An internal zipper separates the main top-loading compartment from this area. It is a nice space to keep items separate and easily accessible, so I use it for shoes and toiletries.


The Deuter ACT Lite is a comfortable, durable pack for a smaller framed woman. Tons of loops and bungees on the outside to attach gear and many adjustable straps to best suit the load you are carrying.

Additionally, I have found Deuter’s customer service to be top notch. When I ripped a small hole in the front compartment, Deuter offered a full replacement including a shipping label to mail it back to them.

And, how cute is the little yellow flower?

✓ Backpacking trip
✓ Weekend getaway
✓ Hiking adventure

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