I’m Moving to Colombia…

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This post is almost nearly three months late on the announcement front. But, for the sake of chronology, I had to start here.

In the middle of March, after an exhausting search, I accepted a job offer in my number one location choice. That favorite city of mine just so happens to be in Latin America.

I’ve traveled to some vibrant cities over the last couple years. Each time I have set foot in a new place, it reminds me of my long-held “to-do” list item of living abroad. In April, this dream became a reality in Medellin, Colombia.

When I visited Colombia, I was quickly taken – turning a one week stay into six. I knew I had to go back from the minute I left. So much so that I cried on take off back to the States…

Medellin is one of the cities I’ve spent the most time in as a tourist (besides New York and London). I was just shy of 30 days between 3 visits when I left before Christmas in 2016. I really couldn’t stay away.

I’m stubborn and set it in my mind that I was going back, someway, somehow. I’m usually not one for repeat travel, but there’s no explaining how a city, a people, and a country can hit you. Medellin quickly became a place that I wanted to come back to, to spend more time in, and that I truly enjoyed.

It has a vibrancy unlike I’ve experienced. The landscape/climate alone could convince someone to want to be there – the beautiful valley, tall green mountains, and the nearly perfect weather – even when it’s rainy season. The city of eternal spring is lush and beautiful. The people are not only good looking (stereotypes hold true here), they are so beyond friendly. The spirit of the Colombian people – an undeniable zest for life, happiness despite the bad – is distinct. I am more of a glass-half-empty person, so I admire their way of thinking and of life. Being in Colombia also propelled my desire to learn Spanish, if I can somehow get a grip on the language.

I don’t consider myself especially bold or adventurous but felt that this big step was necessary. It is a chance to push the boundaries of what I know, in spite of the anxiousness I feel. At the very least, I will get to see a city I love from a different perspective.

I am lucky beyond words to have a support system that encourages me to go and do. Without “my people,” I would not have the courage to begin this adventure.

Medellin, here we go!


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