Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are hands down the best way to stay organized. They’re not only great for backpacking trips, especially in front-loading packs, but also for suitcases and duffle bags. I feel as though I must have been lost in life before them.

eBags sells cubes in a variety of sizes and colors. They are durable and lightweight with two, easy-pull zippers. The top mesh allows you to quickly peek in and may give your clothes some much-needed ventilation.

Admittedly, I didn’t get the sizes quite right the first time around and ended up ordering more after my first trip.

Sizes run in both regular and slim from small to large. The first time I ordered, I got a variety pack of small, medium, and large in grasshopper to match my backpack. I found the large to be too big for my backpack, so I would fill it on one side and fold it over. Not a big deal, but it’s better for a suitcase. The second time around, my mom and I split one pack of small in aquamarine and one pack of medium in eggplant.

The small is truly my favorite size, although I have been tempted by reviews of the slim small. (It looks super tiny though!) I love the small for undergarments, t-shirts, and even as a pseudo makeup/jewelry bag. I use a medium to house dresses, pants, and heavier weight items. Some people prefer to organize the cubes by outfit too. On my most recent trip, I traveled with one medium, two smalls for clothes, and one small for toiletries. Having two different colors was helpful to differentiate.

eBags definitely isn’t the only company to make packing cubes, but the quality is among the best I’ve seen. Sometimes if you’re lucky, a random color will also be on sale on Amazon.

Do you have any can’t-pack-without items or tips? Please share below.

Happy packing!

✓ Backpacking trip
✓ Weekend getaway
✓ Suitcase friendly

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