It’s the Little Things

It’s hard to believe that I have now been living in Medellin for one year and three months. Time has whipped by at an even faster pace than normal. All the plans that seemed so far off have come and gone with over half of the year over.

This past week and a half, I had the distinct pleasure of hosting my best friend, her fiance, and their daughter (my godbaby). As they do not speak much Spanish, I took on the role of trip planner and translator. One week in, things had been going super smoothly and we decided to take Sunday to hang out by the pool at our Airbnb.

Upon getting down to the pool we realized that everyone else was wearing a swim cap… and there were enough people around that we couldn’t pretend to not know what was going on. In classic Colombia style, I opened up a domocilios (home delivery) app and quickly punched away for swim caps. The sun was brutally hot and all I wanted was to be able to jump in. (A swim cap is needed at all times (even if you are not going underwater) despite the fact that most buildings have someone diligently cleaning the pool every morning, in addition to that handy thing called a pool filter.)

I put the order in, paid, and twenty minutes later our swim caps had arrived. I sat down by the pool, opened the plastic, and burst into laughter. My friend’s fiance (Josh) looked at me and I fell over laughing. In my haste, I had ordered shower caps with gorgeous blue hearts instead of swim caps. I couldn’t stop laughing, which only got worse as Josh proceeded to model the beautiful purchase. Unfortunately, we have no photo documentation of this moment.

As well as adapting to life in a foreign place can go, there are still a million little setbacks on the day-to-day. Thankfully this one was funny.

….. We wore the caps into the pool anyway. I can assure you that they are not the same as what we needed, but we didn’t look half bad trying.

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